I made some holsters.

They actually work quite well. I can’t shake, swing, or slap the yoyo lose but can easily pull it out. Made with my sister’s rainbow loom kit. I could make one with any weave you can make with one kit.

Aren’t those things tiny rubber bands? Cool though, I’m just a bit leery

They are. I made sure there were always at least two rubber bands, although they still won’t be as sturdy as paracord. I’ll be wearing one around for a few days to see what happens.

Cool! This is definitely will be a project for me to do with my rainbow loom for sorts or not. Which ever comes first.

Yea I made some using like the double rhombus or whatever pattern. Pretty cool, great product

That looks nice. I’m surprised I don’t see more of them made with craft lace. When I was young, craft lace was super popular. Telling my age. :-\

Craft lace? What’s craft lace? No joke I’m kinda clueless.

Yeah I’m 27 and I hadn’t heard the term ‘craft lace’. Googling it, though (http://tiny.cc/ax7o6w), it looks like something I saw quite a bit as a kid, just never knew what it was called. Don’t think I ever used it myself, but it was always around the daycare and friends had it.

Ah. I’ve seen it. It’s that plasticky lace. They need a better name for it.

When I was a kid, we called it Gimp. I just searched for it and found that is a brand name of craft lace. Gimp is a better name.

I though gimp was the wire like rope stuff?

And also, I call them “tiny rubber band thingys” XD