I love flowlights

Lovvveee flowlights so much, if you guys ever looking for something super fun to try out, look em up, super fun stuff, great flow toy, and you can take fun photos like this I took of myself tonight! ^ ^



That’s what those are? I knew a guy who had those. Yeah those are way cool.

You should just have my last name because you’re way more awesome of a wolf than I am. haha

John Yee and Josh Wolfe.

Yeah they are super fun. They are basically LED poi thats like a cross between poi and glowsticking (specifically glowstringing), heavier than glowsticks, but in stick form allows for the combining of both poi specific realms as well as glowstringing concepts into one.
Super fun stuff, and an awesome local company at that :slight_smile:


So what im reading is that they can be used for anything

To suggest poi, glowsticking, or glowstringing?

Oh nm

“glowsticking” and “glowstringing”? Looked it up on Wikipedia, and all I could do is shake my head. It boiled down to this:

“Glowstringing” is making patterns by swinging a glowstick on a string.
“Glowsticking” is the same, but when the person is dancing

It all looks like Poi to me. :wink: It’s like the insane subcategorization of electronic music. Only young people can care about this stuff. I don’t mean about the art of it, but about the categorization of it.

Call it “poi with glowsticks” and it’ll be just as beautiful and fun, I’m sure. :wink:

(PS, You kids, GET OFF MY LAWN! )

Actually there is a huge difference between the different realms, and I’d like to take some time to explain just how different they are from one another.

First of all, Poi originated as a maori dance object that progressed over time into a method of object manipulation, where as glowstringing was started in the rave culture many years ago.

While poi and glowstringing do share certain moves, the sort of manipulation within is very very different.
Poi tends to involve much stringing together of patterns and flow, lots of unique transitions and body movements. Where as glowstringing focuses much more on wraps and rebounds off of different parts of the body, which is something you wont see much in poi. Glowsticks are also much lighter than poi so you will see very much more fast and technical type manipulation happening in glowstringing, where as poi is more focused of flow and dance.
I give two examples to show this difference:

Poi ^

glowstringing ^

As you can see, while they share the same concept of two weighted objects on a tether, they are actually quite different in how they are manipulated due to the construction of the very objects at play.

now “glowsticking” can also refer to what is known as “freehand” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Fq6Qw-MLeg
which is generally more assumed when someone talks about “glowsticking” if not mentioning glow"stringing"

The reason flowlights are special is because they literally combine the two elements in a truly unique way. You get the same shape and abilities needed for glowstringing type rebounds and body wraps, but also the weight and swivels involved in poi for more control for stalls/isolations and hyperloops.

All objects of flow and manipulations of course

Hope that clears things up a bit!


I’m tapped out on money for the time being other wise I might buy a set!

yeah they are a bit pricy, but sooo worth it.

Haru, I appreciate the effort you went through to educate, but after watching them all, I’m all the more struck more by their similarities than by their differences. Yes, I see the differences in style and approach between “glowstringing” and poi, but again-- they’re more notable for their similarities than their differences. Two different styles of the same thing.

Glowsticking, well that just seems different. The Wiki article I read seemed to indicate there was still a tether. But we all know how reliable Wikipedia can be. :wink:

Thats respectable.
I think its one of those you have to know whats really going on to determine kind of things.
Someone who doesnt know the roots and the things involved in the two practices may not see the true differentials, while someone involved in either or both, it is quite clear. To the public, they may seem similar, but for sure they are quite different although in concept similar. In the same sort of category one might be able to place Asalato as well, which similarly is another weighted object for manipulation, but obviously used very different in the way its used. Also in this realm is meteor. All things that perhaps may seem similar, but in terms of where they came from and what is entailed, they are clearly different.

Maybe if you ever find yourself delving into the two arts you might see it over time. Glad you took a chance to view the videos though!


I think what you say is true, and it also ties into my original point: to people immersed in EDM, there are worlds of difference between each sub-sub-sub-sub-category. But it’s insane to me. It’s electronic dance music. Not sure why a style deserves its own name just because the beat is emphasized on the 2 and the 4 and features lush pads, vs one that emphasizes beat only on the 4 and features classic bass synths instead of pads.

I mean, even the untrained ear can hear that they’re different songs with different vibes and approaches, but isn’t it good enough to say that they’re both great examples of electronic dance music instead of “Nah, dude, that one is smoothcore and the other one is hard glitch.” :wink:

If I ever got into something with a tether and a weight, it would more likely be getting better with nunchaku (for demo puposes, not as a practical martial arts weapon). :wink: But I LOVE doing “light painting” photography, so glowstringing would actually be pretty fun for that.

Can someone post a link for these please?

flowtoys.com has em. Hope it’s not against the rules to link to them, if it is, then I’m hoping that means that we will see flowtoys at YYE sometime soon!

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Thanks! I went to that site, I just couldn’t tell the differences between any of the varieties. I’ll figure it out though.