I just died and went to heaven, cause



P.S. No green CZM8?! I’m done


Did you win all those or something?


No, I am just a big fan of anything green. If I had gotten all those yoyos I would’n’t be here right now, I’d REALLY be up in heaven ::slight_smile:

P.S. That new YYF Flight tho


Green is my favorite color GIMME NOW!!! no but seriously nice collection


I could not agree more


“to get it you’d have to break into the closet” ;D ;D :smiley: :smiley:



Dang! You have a Grind Mutant?! Nice! Also, no green Shutter?


Buy a reg one and get someone to re-ano it :^)


Green Shutter is at the topmost :slight_smile:

Also I’m flattered, but no, read the above :slight_smile: