I have an advertisement.

A lady knocked on my door ,telling me that she was from the toy company called Channel Craft ,and she told me that my mom told her about my yoyoing ,juggling ,and all the other stuff I do.This woman told me that her boss wanted me to advertise their new product called the Mystick.It is basicsally a lunastix or devil sticks with a different end ,and the one the lady gave me the next day is alot smaller than other sticks.
So far i’m having plenty of fun with my pair ,but I hope they will have other sizes.Anyway ,the woman told me that I will most likely be shooting a video for their website ,but she told me that I will be going to their company to meet their boss.I don’t have that much expierience with the luna stix or devil sticks ,nor do I know that many advanced tricks or anything.Even though i’m intermediate at best ,she told me they just want a younger boy to advertise for them ,so I will try to be as professional as possible and practice ,practice ,practice.

I just hope all of this works out for me ,and hopefully it all goes right.

~John Wolfe

Sounds like a good opportunity.

Hope all goes well for the video shoot.

Thanks trace ,and heres the link if your interested in buying a pair for yourselves.

Good luck to you.

Not to play the jerk card, but this sounds like a money gig. Get it in writing and ensure you’re getting paid. They want you to advertise for them so make sure it’s bankable.

Lots of companies try to abuse this. Honestly, this is sounding like a minimum $10K gig.

Really? I hope i’m fine with even a hundred dollers. hehe

Try to get as much as you can. Dont just go and say $1000000 or I won’t show but do negotiate and also give them their money’s worth

Those things are sooooo fun.

Great job! have fun with it 8)

Thank you for all the support. :smiley: