i hate the line from gta....


I find this “speach” thing incredibly stupid. It was in GTA 4 (niko bellic) and Dimitri was about to walk away from him, and says SOMETHING LIKE this: “if there is one thing i have learned niko bellic, it is that you cannot change the rules of the game… You may chose which game you would like to play niko, but you may not change the rules”
I find it stupid! Usually they say an awesome quote (SPOILER! Especially since he turns into the bad guy in the end), but no, i find this one stupid! Anybody agree?

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I actually think that’s a pretty good quote.


And you had to make a thread about this? ???



Lol, it was 3 in the morning and nobody was posting, I do random things really late…


See you around… Officer.

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Im a cheetah


by now The Mad Doughnut probably is a banana. what’s your point?


I thought your a wolf?


He’s both. Shapeshifter, duh.:smile:


But, but . . . WHAT!?