I gotta break the ice here.... about the Loop 900s

What happened to the Loop 900s? They were supposed to be released today and I haven’t heard a word about them for days now… Were they delayed further and I just didn’t hear about them? Or will it be a later in the day release?

June 26. Do your research girl they were on yoyofactory.com

Whoops my bad they did say 23 but I swore somebody told me 26.

Edit:the 24 at 8:00 est and 5:00 pst.

If you’re referring to my avatar, that’s definitely my girlfriend. I am not ratfacedudegirl :stuck_out_tongue:

And I’m assuming those times are AM, not PM right? When did they change that?

Yeah, I was looking forward to today too.

I wish I had an extra 55 bucks…

Well sorry but no they are PM.