i feel like im dumb now haha (dumb yoyo moments)

so i was MADDDDD because i thought for the 2nd time my pgm axle broke but then 10 days later… i look if i can fix the axle… turns out the c clip somehow fell off while i was playing and was on the axle lol i felt so dumb… what was your mos dumb yoyo moment

Ummm…what does the word “dumb” mean?

a time when there was something like obvious and you werent paying enough attention to realize it

When I was yoyoing outside I thought it would be cool to do a trapeze through a plastic shopping bag standing upright on the ground. Little did I realize that the structural integrity of the bag would completely give way as I tried to land the yoyo on the string. Put a nice little ding in my METAL yoyo.

Something [i]like[/i] obvious? So [i]not[/i] obvious? And if it was obvious to you, you would pay attention, and it doesn't matter if it is obvious to others. Therefore "dumb" means not obvious to you or anyone else and and does not exist for this reason. There is also something about paying attention in this definition of yours. Now I don't know who this "Attention" guy is, but what is he going to do to me if I don't pay him? Beat me up?(I noticed that this was written in second person, and, therefore, only applies to me) And if I do pay him, I'm going to have to pay him three times, one to make whoever "Ize" is real, the second to make him not accept that payment, and the third to make him make whatever is so important "like obvious," which also means [i]not[/i] obvious. Now that sounds like a lot of work just to have an honorary "stupid" badge. [i]And[/i] now I see that you wrote [i]a[/i] time, as if time isn't continuous, or relative, and that I'm going to have to pay this "Attention" guy an infinite amount of times in every fraction of a second, and I just don't have that kind of money. And I just can't believe that you didn't put a period, because this definition just goes on forever without it.


Why what? Or are you speaking the secret language of “why?”

i meant to type wtf lol

Why would you mean to type “why lol?” Huh?

Why are you so mean to “type ‘why lol?’” WELL?