I drew a Mario character!

(WildCat23) #1

So umm, yeah. I got bored and randomly decided to draw Rosalina from Super Mario Galaxy. Tell me who I should draw next!

PS: I’m sorry the picture is terrible, I may be able to get a better one up at a later time.

(Q) #2

Draw me a logo for my team. Team “Off in the Woods”


Thats really good! I wish I could do that!!!


Draw yoshi!!! Next plz!!! Oh by the way you should see a kid in my grade all he draws is Mario characters all day and he is amazing!!!


Luigi, or yoshi. that’d be cool.

(WildCat23) #6

So, looks like I’ll be drawing Yoshi next week if I don’t have my behind-the-wheel portion of drivers ed. With or without Mario riding?





Mario plunging a toilet