any cool pictures to draw?

K so forget that art thing, im drawing the golden state warriors logo. I found that I think it’s kinda dun to draw. I drew Is pretty good eagles logo, ravens logo, and rockets logo. Im more into logos as you can tell :slight_smile: so if you have any simple-ish pics, put them down here
(Link preferred)

Try doing a made up product logo I did that once it was fun!

The crocostrings logo. Haha

Im thinking of the Philadelphia eagles (NFL) or the golden state warriors (NBA). I drew 3 eagles (for the football team) and 1 was kinda bad, 1 was good, and 1 was really good. Then I drew 1 warriors logo… It was ok. But I feel like as a person, I like the warriors more, so ill see…

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How about a monkey playing the guitar.