I completed 28TL!

I know this isn’t a kendama focused forum but since there aren’t any I’m gonna post this here.

I completed 28TL and made a compilation of all 28 of my videos. These are ~mostly~ new laces for me and I experienced a ton of level ups.

Is there anyone else on here that was able to finish out the month?


this is rad! a good buddy of mine is doing the 28TL on IG and has been killing it simlarly to you

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What’s his handle? I’ll give him a follow if I haven’t already

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Dwizz1337. this was one of his last ones, looks like we’re still waiting on todays vid =]


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he’s one of my best friends, tried to get him into yoyoing which led to him discovering kendama. he still plays yoyo sometimes, but mostly kendama lol

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Killing it. I love to see it. I haven’t thrown all month lol. Tomorrow I’m back to trying (read: failing) to get good at 2A