I am so glad I am back yoyoing

I am talking about how I quit in the 90’s and I am back now. I was walking to my step sis’s house to get excercise (trying to lose weight >:D) and I bought the yoyo with and was listening to video game music.

So even tho my step sis wasn’t home with my 2 nephews I just stood by the house and yoyoed a bit :). I am so glad I bought it with me.

I want to ask you do any of you take out a yoyo and start doing random stuff with it while your waiting for something?

Welcome back to yoyoing. Yes I do lots of random stuff…really random. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep, any time I have to more than 1.5 seconds of spare time I manage a throw. lol

i usually work on the trick I’m learning at the time.

Yeah. Just practice what you are trying to land. Or just random throw and bind X D