Hybrid (O-ring + starburst) VS Friction stickers

OK now, I know that hybrid is way better than friction stickers but i just wanted to ask you guys to compare for me, which of these have stronger response, and how much better ??? Tnx in advance :wink:

Well, here’s how I always thought about it.

Friction stickers tend to wear out faster than a hybrid response depending on what kind of stickers they are. I haven’t used the newer silicone stickers. Normally they come in responsive yoyos, but most yoyos with stickers can be made unresponsive as it’s normally just a lubed bearing. I believe they are easier to bind as well, as the surface area is larger. They are good for beginners as well.

Hybrid of course has the starburst and o-ring. This lasts longer than most because the o-ring can take a long time to wear out. They give good binds with the occasional snag. They can also cause responsiveness sometimes as both the o-ring and starburst stick into the gap. Normally however, yoyos that are hybrid have adjustable gaps to make it unresponsive. These are also good for beginners since when the gap is all the way closed, it doesn’t take much to bring it back up.

I tend to go to the hybrid response more, but that’s just me. I’ll usually take out the o-ring and silicone it. It may not last as long as an o-ring, but it helps cut down sudden snags. Hope this helps.

My opinion - hybrid lasts longer than friction stickers but I don’t like the way it plays. If you’re concerned about how long friction stickers last, the new silicone stickers last a long time.

Overall, my preference is dual o-ring, then silicone stickers, both in how they play and in how long they last. Of course o-rings can be easily replaced with silicone as well. A yoyo made to take stickers may need the recess deepened to be able to use silicone. Note that this comment refers to silicone sealer rather than stickers.