Hyatt Edition: Mellow/Jazz

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My second video. Shot at the Hyatt Place Hotel in Santa Fe, NM. Features some combos, Luke Renner GT, and something special near the end.

It’s best to view in 720p if possible.

Desktop Version

Mobile Version

I would love some feedback on this. My first large project. I would like to know what you think.


nice tricks, the video was decent but the framing left me wanting for something, and i love the high tower reminds me of kid and play (yes im old lol)

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^ I’ll definitely work on my framing. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

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That last trick… Floating string… How…

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Will and Determination. Sprinkle in some magic and your string floats.


If you can do trick (moebius) with the floating slip knot, that would be amazing

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What’s moebius?


It’s on YYE’s Learn section

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That looks really cool. To float I would have to tweak my methods a lot, but nothing’s impossible.

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Third and final bump.