Hunting some throws for my b-day

Hi all! My birthday is coming up next week and I’d like to spoil myself with a few throws. Here is the list I’m currently hunting. If you happen to have any for sale or trade please let me know. Thanks for considering!

Splash turning point bimetals (leviathan6 at the top of that list currently)
Turning point himenosu (not hinemosu)
G2 rainicorn (splash or swirl)
G2 andromeda hawk
G2 Pacific Storm BansheeSS
G2 E23 in plasmaberries
MFD Pixelape
MFD Forte
C3 Edolass (any color except black with stainless rims)
C3 Plasmacrash in rainbow
C3 Atomic Crash in rainbow
Mythril Zeppelin (the brighter the better)
YYR Sigtyr
Mowl Obsession + (in blue or orange fade)


do you have a picture of this one? i didn’t know it ever released in a rainbow colorway. i wouldve been all over it

It did it was a rewind color if I am not mistaken

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Right! They also have one for the saber crash. That’s a need too!!!