Hi There,

I’ve collected a mass amount of CLYW Yo-yo’s over the last 6 months and I need to pair down my collection before I can purchase any more. It’s very difficult to do this as I love each and every one of them and don’t want to part, but my other half is forcing me to if I want to buy more.

I’ve listed out each yo-yo in the photo, starting in the top left corner and working my way down. 22 of the 24 Yo-yo’s are completely MINT. Also, only a couple that don’t have the original boxes. I’ve list out this below. Some of these I will want to keep, depending on the response I get.

Looking for CASH Only, no trades please. Most of these are very hard to find so keep that into consideration. Please Offer Up!

  1. “Cool Ghoul” Edition Chief-two minor scratches on inner rim due to trying to pry out the glow sticks. Learned my lesson and never using those again!)
  2. “Petr Kavka” Edition Chief-One minor scratch on rim.
  3. MINT “Mischief” Chief-Comes with Box
  4. MINT “Strawberries and Cream” Chief-Comes with Box
  5. MINT “Ash Berry” Chief-Comes with Box
  6. MINT “Berry Berry” Chief-Comes with Box
  7. MINT “Petr Kavka” Artic Circle-Comes with Box
    8. MINT “Jack Rabbit” Artic Circle-Comes with Box-PENDING
  8. MINT “Latitude 53” Artic Circle-Comes with Box
  9. MINT “Pekka Edition” Artic Circle-Comes with Box
    11. MINT “Berry Berry” Glacier Express-Comes with Box-PENDING
  10. MINT “Fox Moss” Glacier Express-Comes with Box
  11. MINT “Black” Campfire-Comes with no Box
  12. MINT “Blizzard” H5xChief-Comes with Box
  13. MINT “Red and Grey” H5xChief-Comes with Box
  14. MINT “Pink Silver w/Blue Splash” H5xChief-Comes with Box
  15. MINT “Berry Berry” Wolly Marmot-No Box
  16. MINT “Gold” Sasquatch-Comes with Box
    19 MINT Avante Gard 2- No Box
  17. MINT “Yoyoexpert” One Drop Code 2 Nautilus-No Box
    21. SUPER RARE “Blue” Avalanche-Comes with Box -1 of 3 ever made-PENDING
  18. SUPER RARE “Red” Avalanche-Comes with Box -1 of 3 ever made
  19. “Pekka” Edition Avalanche- Comes with Box
  20. “Red Moss” Avalanche-Comes with Box

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WOW. How much for any Avalanche or the Wooly Marmot?

What’s the cheapest for the one you like the least or the one you’ll charge the least?