When was the last time you went onto if ever at all?

I started throwing last year so theres so much history and culture that I’ve been trying to catch up on and learn more about. Amongst my search I found and downloaded some old MPEGS of 2006 MA states. Had to download a codec to even view the videos and since the tricks section is run on flash almost all of these tutorials are lost.

Finding this site just opens another question for me. What early yoyo sites are still up and what else about yoyo culture is still out there undiscovered on the wide internet?

8 Likes (Ken’s World on a String) is the first one that comes to mind.

The old Yoyoguy/infinite illusions shop is still partially up.

Sector-Y still kind of exists.

Theres also the YoYoNation archive.


Do you know if the Yoyoguy store still sells anything? There’s a few odds and ends I’d like to order, but the cart system is broken.


I doubt it

Greg had also made headlines in March 2013, when he was arrested on charges of tax evasion and stealing over $39,000 USD in sales tax money. He was since released on bail after showing that an agreement for repayment had already been reached with the IRS.

Seems he’s focusing on “Lofty Pursuits” which is his candy/board game/skill toy/brunch store.

according to yoyowiki the email for infinite illusions/yoyoguy was infinite at pd dot net, is “public displays of confection” which is the candy making arm of Lofty Pursuits. / .

You could try emailing the old infinite illusions address but I don’t think the store has been active in years.


Oh wow, I had now idea. I’m glad that he seems to have landed on his feet, though. I figured the store was gone, but the fact that he’s paid the hosting bill all these years gave me a sliver of hope.


wow that’s so interesting what a small world!! I am subscribbed to his youtube channel where he makes candy and its pretty good content, had no idea he used to sell yoyos lol

Thanks for sharing those interesting yoyo sites, Yoyoguy feels like a museum!

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