Hspins Are HERE!

Check them out! At the homepage theres a link!

HSpin Yo-Yos from Switzerland have arrived!



Yay! hspin is just awesome ;D


Pyro Light. No Pyro.

beings banging head against desk, sharply

now hyperventilating

Edit: Seriously, why are the powers above mocking me so? If I really wanted to, I could go buy a Pyro at that “other” place, as they’re currently in stock there. I’d much rather be spending my money here, and have been waiting for this to happen. And, sure enough, it does. And no regular Pyro.

back to banging head

Edit 2: Ok, breathing a little better now. Will someone, anyone, please tell me why I’d want a Light over a Regular? Make me want it.

Edit 3: Even more irony. My birthday is tomorrow. The 23rd.

Aw. No no. Cheer up!

We’re like that :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol. C’est la vie.

C’est la vie? C’est la l’ironie! :wink:

Je veux un Pyro le regulier. Peut-etre que je devrais obtenir le Light?

Faute de grives, on mange des merles. Oui?

Hahaha. Je desole. Anyway, I think we should speak english for the other people. I wanted on too. But oh well.

English is hard. ;D

It’s ok - we forgive you. :wink:

I’m serious, Andre. Just tell me the Light is better than the regular one I got to throw.

OG Pyro is a CLASSIC!