HSpin NVx or YoYofficer Aura?


Thoughts on either? I’m looking for something fullsized-oversized that plays light and fast. Horizontal would be a nice touch, but it’s not absolutely neccessary. I was pretty set on the Aura, seeing as how I could learn those nifty finger spins and practice horizontal on it, but the NVx caught my attention due to the super sale price on YYE. What do you think? :-\


The Yoyofficer Aura is the way to go! It plays speedy since of the rim weight and the almost ‘V’ shape cuts through air. Also, for $50, you can’t go wrong. It sold out in the only 1 U.S store that carries it in about a week!


The Aura, all the way. Just got mine last week. I had to import it, along with some other stuff(YYR Diffusion and some parts).

Plays fast, slow, floaty, speedy, whatever YOU want. Plus, it has this center dip for those finger/thumb topspins that are all the trend. $50, totally sweet. Gives the Firmy a run for it as well and I like the Firmy.

The only bad part is YYE does not carry this brand. I think after Nationals, I may be buying the Brave and Crayon as well. I will also be investing into God Tricks for the collection as well.