Hspin H2O: A High Speed YoYo Review

Ok, I should get this out of the way. I am a comic book geek. I have been reading them for year and I sill do to this day. They are a nice way to escape for a while, kind of like throwing a yo-yo. Some of my favorite story lines have been the intercompany crossovers. They are a comic geek’s dream. We all wonder what would happen if the Avengers met the Justice League or if Batman and Daredevil partnered up. My personal favorite was the crossover between Batman and my indie comic anti-hero, Grendel. The problem with these crossovers is that more times then not they end up being a train wreck. The company politics come in to play and the story just falls apart. Today we are going to look at a yo-yo crossover between two beloved European companies, hspin yoyo LLC and Oxygène. Hspin has been producing yo-yos for years and is the brains behind the much-loved Pyro. Recently they took the yo-yo community by storm with The Cut. Oxygène, on the other hand, has been on hiatus from producing yo-yos, with their last release being the Oxy 4 in 2005. Oxygène has not been resting on its laurels and recently release the Oxy Ti, an all titanium yo-yo 4 years in the making. While both companies have been working on their own lines, they have also been secretly collaborating on a remake of the venerable Oxy 4. Hspin was tasked with machining the halves of the yo-yos, bringing Swiss engineering and their unique finish to the mix. Oxygène brought their titanium, fully adjustable, axle system to the party and installed them into the halves in Italy. Lets dive right in and see if this is Superman meets Spider-Man or if it ends up being Archie meets the Punisher. (Yes that is a real crossover.)

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Wow! A very in-depth review! Well done ! 10/10 for detail, can’t wait for more reviews.


Hands down, one of the most professional reviews I have ever read. Very comprehensive, great detail, if you want to know how this yoyo plays without even laying a finger on it, then click this link and read the rest of the review.