How to make links = words

Hey I thought it would be helpful to let everyone in on a trick on how to make url’s words.

type in the url as usual
[ url = [ /url ]

then you put a bracket beside the url:
[ url = ][ /url ]

then instert the words in the bracket:
[ url=] yoyoexpert store front [/ url ]

so you get:
yoyoexpert store front

(the spaces are so it doesn’t sink into code)


Definitely helpful…good to know.

Ah sweet! Always wanted to know how to do that!

Another bit of info; to put a picture in your sig you just type in the coding in the box where you make your signature. Then you insert the image link (by photobucket, etc., etc.[its just like posting a pic you just type in the “img”])
[ img ] http//notarealpicture/ [ /img]