how do you put links on the topic?I’m trying to put a video from youtube on a topic but i don’t know how.can i just put the video?can you help a fellow thrower.thx.(I know it has nothing to do with yoyos)

to add a link you put [.url=http://(your website url here)](the words you want displayed here)[/url] without that little dot of course. For youtube videos all you have to do is go to the page the video is on. Then copy the url for that page and paste it in your post without url tags.

you don’t need a code for a HTML link, copy and paste any link in the text box…it will automatically add the code.

As for youtube videos…just post the youtube link not the embed code. for example, h-ttp://…it will automatically embed…

As for images, use the BBcode (REMOVE DASHES) [-img]…LINK GOES HERE…[img-]

hope this helps ;D