How to make a flat bill hat curved?




? Just grab the bill and curve it in a circular motion…


You just don’t. Flat bills are made that way because they look the best…


Eww, all flat bills should be curved.


I just don’t see how people wear curved bill hats all the time…


When I used to play baseball, we would curve the bills of our hats by soaking them in warm water, putting a baseball under the bill, and then wrapping rubber bands around the bill to pull it around the baseball. That was pretty effective, though it curves the bill quite a bit. For a less severe curve, you can usually just form it with your hands repeatedly to get a little curve, or maybe form it against something with a gentler curve than a baseball.

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Flat billed snapbacks ftw.

But im more a, straighten my hair all scene-ster-ish

and epic hairflip kinda guy.
or anime hair haha


That’s completely and totally subjective. Just because you think they look the best, doesn’t mean they are. They’re like yoyos. It’s a matter of preference.

But in my opinion, Flat-Billed hats look excellent, as long as you don’t wear them on the very back of your head. I have no idea why people do that.


I dont like flat brims. Trucker hats are what I wear.


Not to thread-jack or anything, but I need some help of my own.

I need to fold a piece of paper in half, but I’m not quite sure what to do. How do I do it?

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I was wondering the same thing…

And how do you digest food? Ive been wondering that for some time now


How do you breath?.. no but just you know… curve it

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And how do you type?

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cmon guys dont be jerks and just answer the question. I herd soaking it in warm water works well as well as washing it in the dishwasher then taking it out and folding the bill a bunch.


thank you! Finally!!!

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No prob. I don’t know what all these dipdoodles are doing.


Dipdoodles… mind if I use that?

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Go for it!


Now my second favorite word. It is up there with nabob.