how to leg wrap

I need to know how to leg wrap

Are you talking about 5a or 1a?


Do you mean this:


That video is probably the best way to learn it, what in particular are you having trouble with?

For me, the hardest part was figuring out that I had to pinch the string a little below the knot so the string wasn’t so long that it just hit the floor.

I don’t really know i guess my legs are just too short :’(

I shorty friend of mine managed to do it. The shorter the legs, the longer the pinch.

Just do what JM said and pinch the string so it’s not too long.

Addment: You might considering cutting your string if it’s already too long for you.

Yeah, but when i swing it through my front leg I can’t get it to go in a circle.

It just takes practice. You can try practicing with a dead yoyo until you can get the motion down.


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Oh ok i will ;D