how to get yoyo to grab string and return while in the air

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ok, so im new to this forum but basicaly im have issues pulling off a return that will get the yoyo back into my hand. i dont know what its called, but basically, from a trapeze, you pop the yoyo into the air and then the slack string binds and the yoyo shoots back to your hand. or at least its supposed to… in my case i can get it about 50% if the time, the other times the string doesnt bite and it wont return. has anyone had any experience with this and can tell me what im doing wrong?

Havent seen such a trick anywhere if I understand correctly.

The closest I know of maybe 0:23

thats sort of it. it was on a tutorial video for doing the trapeze. skip to 2:15

you can only do when your yoyo is responsive.
With unresponsive binds, you there has to be some slack that catches the response for it to come back

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That was great! Wasn’t even looking to learn new binds, but this was nice to stumble upon. :slight_smile: