How to fingerspin?


I’ve been looking everywhere for a tutorial, but I can’t seem to find any.




How to fingerspin on the irony jp


It doesn’t need to be an Irony JP. If learning tricks were like that, we would all need DM2s and Civilitys to learn tricks.


Im asking if the irony jp is meant to spin on its very center like the horizon or grind on the edge of the flat area like everything else with a flat hub. I dont get the point of a ‘very slightly concave’ hub.


The irony was designed for finger spinning as one of it’s main focuses. I have an Irony JP, but I would go with the “Horizon” from yoyofactory if you guys are truly interested in a yoyo that is great for fingerspins. Paul Kerbel is the king of fingerspins, and he made a great yoyo for it.