How to do this whippy trick? at around 0:21. Also, if anyone knows how to do one of Johnny Devalle’s tricks, with all those chops and such, that would be appreciated. Like at around 0:22. Or 1:22. That kind of chopping style.

The whip combo in the first video is made up. It is a variation of a trick called follow. Here’s a tut for it, then you can try experimenting to come up with your own!

And for the chop style, I would just learn some chopstick mounts and play around from there. A lot of these tricks are all unique to the player them self. Here’s some chop style stuff:

Hope this helps! The bottom line is though that it’s fun to just make up your own tricks! If you see something that looks neat, try to do something that looks like it, but add your own flair!

It doesn’t really look like follow though… I notice the yoyo isn’t moving, but I’m probably going to learn follow anyways.

I know it’s not really the slack andre does, but this is a cool follow variation that looks kinda like that.

Check those out…

wall o vids lol. Just combine all of these at once and you have the uber-est trick on the face of the planet.

Yeah, and it isn’t. Follow is a just a good base for getting into this sorta thing. The other vids posted will really help!