How to create an Avatar?

How do you change your avatar or add a picture?

And below my avatar why is there always a “0”?

You can go into profile and select a picture using the options.

The 0 means your trade count,

Can I do this on a mobile device? And what is the “trade count”?

You go to profile then click forum profile information then upload your picture

the number of trades you have done

Sorry I’m still confused. What is a “trade”?

It’s when you trade Items, like yoyos or other stuff on this forum.

How does the system know?

Click on the number beside someones avatar. You should be taken to a page where you can see the feedback that have been left by other people and the option to leave that person feedback from a trade.
People trade yoyos on the buy/sell/trade forum. You can make a thread explaining what you have to trade, and what tou want in return in terms of yoyos or money.

Hope this helps!