How to clean the bearing seat?


I’ve noticed the bearing seat on my yoyo has gotten dirty. I tried cleaning by alternative sweeps with a wet q-tip and then a dry q-tip and that seemed to get most of the dust and dirt out of there that was getting clogged in my bearings. So I was wondering if there are ways to better clean the bearing seat?


If you keep your bearings clean, I would assume that you would have a clean bearing seat.


Common solvents used to clean bearings, such as lighter fluid or mineral spirits can be used on a q-tip to clean the bearing seat if need be.

Note, as pointed out below, don’t use acetone on plastic yoyos.

(InvaderDust) #4

q tip and rubbing alcohol is what i usually use. sometimes acetone if im already cleaning my bearings


Just DON’T use acetone on the bearing seat of a plastic throw.

Rubbing alcohol is probably fine though.

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Good lookin out

(rizkiyoist) #7

Zippo lighter fluid never melt any plastic in my case, other solvent like certain thinner and carburator cleaner are really harsh though. Gasoline melts yyf loop900 plastic spacer.