How to access youtube in school

Does anyone know how to get on youtube on school. (proxy, filter sites)

any help would be greatly appreciated

Good thing yye isn’t blocked

lol on my school laptop yye isnt blocked too, but what are you using? i know how to crack websense and a few others (we have websense)


One time at my school something happened and YouTube was working for like a month it was awesome. :smiley:


Firefox and internet explorer

I don’t know what blocks it :frowning:
any way to find out?

try or just google proxies assuming they have not blocked them. In my school the student computers don’t have flashplayer so assuming you get on youtube you cannot watch anything. : \

My school has flashplayer and I watch vids all the time.

I’m pretty sure my school does run flash player, but everything is blocked :’(

If all websites for proxies are down. You can download yourfreedom and sockscap. You will then have to use both of those applications together. The problem with yourfreedom is that it’s horribly slow and you probably won’t be able to watch youtube on it very well. The sad thing is that free proxies will probably be slow no matter what you do.

The guy who made the video seems pretty terrible, but the video pretty much tells you what you need to do.

Note that some proxies are anything but safe. Yourfreedom is usually safe, but I know a lot of people that had to change their passwords on facebook after using stuff like hidemyass, anonymouse and kproxy.

There’s usually a reason they’re free. :wink:

How about not watching youtube at school like you’re suppose to?

A couple of my friends and I were pulled into the office not that long ago due to the suspicion of using a certain proxy program. Fortunately, we knew the school computer administrator quite well, and he let us off with a warning.

This is something that could cause serious trouble. Your school is likely monitoring all websites and programs running from your network account. My friends were caught since our administrator began noticing patterns, such as where and where the program was being used, and in which classrooms.

I can honestly say I never used the proxy program myself, but I introduced it to my friends, and it spread like wildfire.

This post isn’t a warning, it’s to make you give up trying to breach school security. Trust me, it’ll end up ugly, and I can also tell you’re not very computer literate.

Not at all. I have so many study halls this semester, but I’l take your advice, honestly I don’t care much for school, but I have better things to do then get chewed out by some suit.

Youtube is actually not blocked at my school, mostly because some Norwegian educational sites use Youtube. On top of that a lot of music is easily accessible through YouTube. It might get blocked though, as our school just got access to every single Naxos recording, which is kinda cool. I don’t mind YouTube being blocked if I can legally download a gigantic database of classical music.

Teachers don’t use Youtube?

One way to do things that I did for a while is use Teamviewer. Assuming the website for that isn’t blocked, you can remotely log into your home computer. It sorta works for watching videos, but then again it’s kind of slow.

Might also be able to find an unblocked site (maybe) that lets you download Youtube videos, find what to download via Teamviewer, then download it at school.

Slightly ridiculous haha but oh well.