how skilled do you think you are?

1/10 being you fail at yoyoing and 10/10 being you are a yoyoeXpert!

Rate yourself!

im a 2-3/10 im not that good yet… :frowning: ill get there though!

edit: sorry guys! how about rating for the ladder and a rating competion wise

im a 3-4 on the ladder (on advanced parts one and two) and a 0/10 competion wise :frowning:

I’d be about a 5-6. Not progressing very fast but recently I’ve been getting really dedicated and throwing all the time.

5-6 i think

I have been yoyoing on n off … But recently have been throwing consistently. I would say 5 n slowly improving. Just having fun with lotS of expensive yoyos lol

Are we basing this off of the trick ladder? If so I’m like a 9.8 ;D If we’re talking contests/freestyles I’m around 7 I guess.

If its the trick ladder or all the tricks here on the website, then I’m about a 9.9/10 (I’m a little hesitant when doing Seasicks). If its competition wise, well, I never competed before, but I would consider myself anywhere from a 5 to a 7.

On trick ladder it’s about 5/10, in competition it will be like 2/10! ;D

Since my trick range sits right at the beginning of expert part 1 on here I’ll say 3ish.

I’d say I’m an 8. I have above average skill, but I’m not to good at creating tricks. However the tricks I do learn/copy I can do very well.

Probably a 3ish, I can do some cool tricks but I would be slaughtered at a contest. I still want to compete though, that would be awesome!


My iPad read that as some formmof contact information.


But all joking aside, I would place myself at a 10 on the scale.



7 at best. The scale is subjective though, so…whatever, lol. Pretty much just judging my own arrogance.

That’s why I was hesitant to post in this thread…

59/87, going by my placement last time I competed.

I’ve been on and off a lot too recently, on the trick list here, maybe 4-5 (On Advanced p. 1), but competition wise, 1.5/10 :stuck_out_tongue:

We are all the greatest yoyoers in the world