How good do you think you are.

x/10 how good are you at playing yoyo.

Im .05/10


Do you know how many people that are gonna give themselves a ten? lol

anyway i give myself a 4/10

Its over 9000


An honest opinion, I know I’m on the right path and finding myself improving with my current repertoire of tricks. For how much I’ve been throwing (since I got back into it last year) I’d give myself a 7/10. There’s always room for improvement.

5or6 I dont think im a 10 yet maby another 2 years

I’m not even good. Fullstop. :B

As good as i think i am. ;D

I can’t win with this rating system…

I just can’t put a number on myself…

I’m as good as I am.

Better than all of you dweebs thats for sure.

haha, but seriously, I can’t really place myself into a number system as such, I don’t consider myself to be the great and powerful yoyo master of the world, but I know I am not beginner, I consider myself to be just your everyday “mediocre” thrower honestly.


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I bought a YYF Superstar a month ago after being out of the game for a decade and immediately (within a few days) learned binds, eli hops, kwyjibo, plastic whip, and lacerations. I dunno how good that makes me. I’ll go with 5/10…right down the middle with everything I do.

Doesn’t matter how good I am.


I have fun when I yoyo.

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ah my first thread. i remember that big fight everybody had. ::slight_smile:

Take 0 and divide by “X” and you got my skill level…

Not good enough to rate. Only people who could rate themselves are those who won worlds

Not at all

I consider myself a beginner because I still have stuff to learn. It doesn’t put me down because I just throw for fun.

5/6/or7 i dont know

I’m so good that I need a lot more practice.
I’m so good that I need time to create more tricks.
I’m so good that I need to refine much of what I can do.
I’m so good that I will need to buy tons of string, practice,practice, practice.
I’m so good that I smile and laugh at my mistakes and celebrate my success.
I’m so good that yoyoing is a pure joy.
I’m so good that I can make non-yoyoers smile.
I’m so good that my skills grow every day and they have room to grow a great deal more.

Well maybe I’m not so good, but I’m really happy and that’s why I yoyo.