How responsive while learning basic loops?

Got a great deal on a YYF Loop 2020 and am starting to work on looping (inside, outside and hop the fence atm).
Is it okay to learn with it completely responsive? The way I have it set up…it’s able to do around the world, but it’s too responsive to sleep with a throw down.

It feels so much easier with it as responsive as I have it…but I wanted to come and ask to potentially stop myself from learning bad habits that will be difficult to kick in the future.

Any guidelines or tips on how responsive I should be aiming for?

Play with it a bit and the starburst will wear in and it will start sleeping…or use type6 poly white string rather than a thick green string that you are usually using for your bind yoyos. Also make sure that the bearing is cleaned in rubbing alcohol for a few minutes then apply a small drop of thin lube followed by a small drop of thick lube.


Thanks @YOHANS.

I can configure the yo to be much more unresponsive than it is right now, but I have it set up as responsive atm…
And that’s what I’m wondering…should I make it more unresponsive? And how much?

When I make it a bit more unresponsive by switching some of the interchangeable parts, it sometimes sleeps for a bit at the end of the loop which is hard for me to control.
Which is why I have it as responsive atm…
But maybe learning to control the yo so it doesn’t sleep unexpectedly like that is a key part of learning to loop well?

I’ve tried to search for an answer to this but I’m having a hard time finding the answers I’m looking for. There is a video where Shu Takada himself shows how he personally sets his 2020 up…but I’m strongly assuming that the set up he (a true master) uses is probably not quite right for me just starting.

I’ve heard people recommend 720’s over the 2020 for people just starting out with looping…and perhaps this is part of the reason why. People like me trying to over complicate things! lol

String torsion may have some to do with inconsistent sleepers. Stay neutral. Throw confident but not overpowered to hit it.

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