How much!

I was just thinking, “I wonder how much (Approximately) money goes into the design, testing, production, anodizing, packaging and shipping of a new yoyo from a company?”

It’d be pretty cool to know the basic ballpark
Obviously it would be silly for any manufacturer to tell us EXACTLY how much because basic math would reveal how much each yoyo costs to produce and then reveal the mark-ups which would be a major no-no especially if they want their product to sell!!

I also wonder if any of the manufacturers wanted to be a Yo-Yo manufacturer when they were younger haha ;D

Two words:

It Depends.

No two models are identical. Things can vary from model to model. Marketing, design, packaging and art could all be different budgets but all assigned to one project, or just budget allocated to one project and allocated as needed.

You don’t really want to know what the mark-ups are.

The yoyo community is growing and so are the companies and with that companies try to make money. For the most part I would say most of the yoyo community is fair.

You are something else. :smiley: Made my day.

Well I am more than happy to pay the prices set by the companies- I love supporting them whenever i can!

I’m just curious about an estimated range to produce a new run or design like “its upwards of X amount yada yada”