How much would this be worth?

I’m not selling at the moment, but how much would mint, recessed, satined, and dyed freehand 2 be worth?

Probably no more than about $15.00 IMO.

No… if it’s done really well, 20-30 dollars. Maybe even 40 depending on how well it’s done. Pics?

@jhb8426 Keep in mind it’s $20 to buy the yoyo…

40 dollar lol…
you can buy lb fhz with that.
It wouldnt worth more than 15 dollar since you are not famous modder…

also keep in mind, its not mint after you’ve done all that.

well, yeah, i meant unused

I see FH2’s listed all over for $12-$15.

Prob 20 no more

$25 seems fair.