how much will this cost??

I’ve been looking at this really cool thing. I dont wanna explain it all but you wear it over your eyes and its like a 3D tv all around you. They tried to get $250,000, but they got over $1million. I think it’s $500 but I really want one of these… I didn’t really explain it too well by you should watch the video.


Ok I think it’s $500, what do you guys think? Would you get it? I really want it,but only if the $$ Goes down.

That looks amazing. That would give me such a migraine

I would throw up if i ever played left 4 dead with that on XD

Imagine playing slender on that… Brrr

Wait a second. 2 words

Mass Effect

Somebody commented about that on there page, and said people used it for hours and nothih happened, thank god right!
Haha,But I think they should make a circular “treadmill” type thing, so you can run around like in actual games. Then they can make props, like fake guns for cod or bf4. I would wanna play GTA,batman,and bf4 on that thing <3 <3 <3 ahhh it seems so cool!!!
But I don’t know if you can play video games on it, I know about Netflix (its supposed to be clearer than on tv) and mobile games you can.

Big-ish news! (if you live in Hong Kong… ;)) I think they are kinda releasing it in Hong Kong. Not to but, but I think they are starting to let people try it out! Plus there is only 3 days (its Monday) left for the kickstarter! (it ends the 21st) so…soon maybe…

Did anybody donate to it?