How Much Should I Pay for...


Erm well actually could you guys help me price multiple types of chiefs?

  1. MIB Chief

  2. non - MIB Chief

  3. FG MIB Chief

  4. FG non - MIB Chief

  5. FG MIB Sharp Lip (?) Chief

  6. FG non - MIB Sharp Lip Chief

I know its a lot but I’d really appreciate it P: Thanks!


(SR) #3

This guy has it right. This is exactly what they should be selling for, and what you should be paying for them.


Thanks :slight_smile:


I think that list of prices is as it probably should be (except I don’t know from sharp-lip Chiefs!)…


I’ve never seen a non-MIB Chief go for that little. I know, because I would have snapped it up.


What is a sharp lip Chief?


When he said “Not Mint”, I automatically assumed he meant that it was dinged.



I didn’t realize the sharp lip went for that much D:


That’s what I assumed as well. I’ve never seen a dinged Chief for that price. I love buying me some dinged yoyos (as long as they still play fine) and I’ve never come across a Chief with that price sticker on it. You’re absolutely right that it’s what SHOULD be a fair price, though. Not denying your powers of valuation. :wink:


Yes, I wish non-mint Chiefs were that cheap, but I’ve never seen one go that low. I would add $10-20 to that original price you listed.