Looking to buy a chief

I have 100$ and I want to buy a chief. Who’s got one for me?

I’ve got a 1 of 6 Grey Base Bip Bop CHief for ya. It’s gonna take more than $100 though.

This money is burning a hole in my pocket

Might also buy a sky walker or wet whistle if the price is right. Any takers?

wanting to spend some money bump!!

I have a Chief on my BST - but $100 won’t get it done… I’m not sure you could even get a fool’s gold one at that, need to reconsider your budget…

People are desperate to get funds for the latest and greatest. (Arctic Circle) I was going to make the same offer. $100 is all I would spend on one. Smart move I think. Mondo6611 beat me to the punch.

Fools gold Chiefs require only $100 + $7 for shipping without tracking.
I offered him this, but he said all he had was $100.

I appreciate the offer but that money was all I had. I spent it on a domain name and hosting today though. But I’m still on the hunt for a chief and I’ll have more money after my sons first birthday party (costing a lot but worth it)