How Many Runs of the Ten YoYo Decapod Were Released?


I would just like to know. Also, would you say it has a higher trade value than, say, a slightly dinged 1st run Ogopogo BvM?


I think there were two runs.


IMO they would be about the same. Ogopogo was a really rare colorway


Brand new Decapods are still selling for $90 on other stores. Can see that BvM even with a few dings is probably also around $90…BVMs seem to be fairly close to what they were when they were new and if it’s a first run, even with a few dings it’s going to be fairly close to what it was when it was new. That’s what I’ve seen lately at any rate.


Decapoda go for higher than BvMs. Cause lots of people dislike the BvM. Is it a Ghost crab Decapod?


It’s raw


There was only one run of Ogopogo and it was not part of the first run of BvMs.


So would Ogopogo or first run be rarer?


I’m not certain of the number of each that were produced. I know I’ve seen more Ogopogos on the BST than I have seen first run though.


All are. Does it have engravings?


Yes, and I know for a fact that there’s at least one anodized one (the Decapod HighSpeedYoYo reviewed)


what? i got lied to then! I was told that the ogopogo was first run!


Correction. Some are ano’ed black. It is first run. I would go for the Decapod. BvMs…meh


OMG :o


No, it has the logo on the side


my thoughts exactly :confused: i won’t be able to yell at the guy though, the one who told i met at a contest.

(not the guy i got the yoyo from btw.)