sovereign 1st run vs. 2nd?

I understand there were only 50 sovereigns in the first run, each individually numbered with all of the goodies. however, is the second run worth alot less or less sought after? And how many were made?

I have nothinf of value to input here other then I’m wondering the same thing as I’m going to be buying a sovereign in the next 6 months or so.

50 were numbered

80 in the second run… NOT numbered

The 1st run is MUCH more sought after…

The 1st run came in a nice box and all… Very cool stuff…

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The first and second runs play the same as they are the exact same yoyo. The prototypes play differently because they are lighter by about a gram I think (not sure about the wight difference but I know there is one). Also not sure how many prototypes were made but they were not engraved.

Also my second run plays GREAT. Pick one up if you can.

They were 64 grams (the proto’s)

I have heard of just a few… But yea both 1st and 2nd run are the same yoyo… Both great!!

The numbered ones are of course worth more since they’re numbered and that appeals to the collector market

Well, I just paid a lot (possibly too much) to get #19. I hope I like it. :wink:

On the yoyo history/collectability front, seems like any serious collector would want this in his/her collection. I can’t wait for it to get here.

I’ve only played a 2nd run, but they’re (supposedly) exactly the same, play-wise. Personally I expected a little more stability being that it’s titanium, albeit an organic shape.

But 1st runs are ‘worth’ so much more. I’ve seen people trying to peddle theirs for no less than $1,000 USD.

Well fortunately, I paid much less than that! Exactly half in fact.

Here at One Drop we have Sovereign #1. Might have to consider putting it in a vault :wink:


Or selling it to me? ;D

You have to be crazy … There is no other explanation! (even 500 aren’t few!)
I have a 2nd run, it is a yoyo with a interesting weight distribution … but it dosen’t translate into a great game in my opinion … is a yoyo that plays well, but the average of all other (normal rotation times, stability decent but not great, a bit 'heavy in the game), and considering that it is made of titanium and the others are aluminum … we say that betray the expectations.
I don’t sell it, but we rarely play, I don’t enjoy.

A thing of beauty!!!

I think Moefv has Sovereign #2

I just want one PERIOD! Searching everyday but missed out not too long ago. Even posted in BST will pay top dollar for Ti throws. No haggling, top dollar!

I think I beat you to it. Number 19? XIX?

I’m probably not going to be buying a second one, so the next one will have a little less competition.

this guy was sold at the start of august :frowning:

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I wish I saw that. I would have definitely bought that. I paid 4 times that for mine (though mint and numbered). I would have loved that one to spark!

Yea I didn’t even know about any other place to buy used throws other than ebay until I read about this one in another thread.

I’m watching everywhere I know atleast three or four times a day for various Titaniums. My ricochet and hyperion need some buddies. I’m even thinking about buying a raw ricochet to go with blue one lol.