How good is the "average" yoyoer?

For people who yoyo daily, how good is the average person? Having never met another yoyoer yet i wouldnt really know haha. I Can do all the tricks in the videos on this sight, pretty smooth but not super fast. My guess is this is just a little bellow average?

That’s probably above average to be honest. But everyone is different. There is no “average” Skill. Everyone has there own style and progression in skill.

Yep. What he said!

I’d say if you can do all the tricks on this site, you are probably on the above average side for a “daily yoyoer”. Naturally, it’s not a comparison to world competitive yoyoers. :wink:

If you want to solidify the feeling that you’re “above average” the real things to do are work on consistency and smoothness, along with being able to “ad lib”… either inventing new tricks or combining trick elements together in new ways (a fuzzy area anyhow… combinations of elements can constitute a ‘trick’. :wink: ).

By the time you’re making up stuff and stringing it together smoothly, you’ll be much further along than the likes of me!

I’d venture to say the average yoyoer can perform all of the intermediate tricks on this site, and just a handful of the advanced tricks.

Not that it’s a reflection of skill as much as it is a reflection of passion.

Look at guitarists and their skills, for example: Not many get past the basic major and minor chords and maybe a handful of scales. But then you have players like Buddy Guy, Billy Corgan and Mike Kinsella who can do all that and worlds more.

I’d say it depends on how long you’ve been throwing as well. I’ve been throwing for just over 4 months and I’m probably about where you are as far as skill level goes (but I certainly haven’t been as thorough with the YYE tutorials).

Cool beans, yeah I have been yoyoing for about 6 months now, I’m pretty obsessed with it haha. I think getting smoother is my number one priority right now.

I don’t really think there is an “average” yoyoer because everybody had a different style

Obsessed, you say? Well to that I can relate. Yeah getting smooth is definitely important, especially if you want to compete. Also, since it sounds like you’re done with the YYE tuts I’d say start making original tricks, or check out some more advanced tutorials like level 4 on Rethinkyoyo (I got plenty of ideas there) and the combo building tutorials by MonkeyfingeR (lots of great tips there).

Why worry about it, I don’t care what anyone thinks about how I play with my toys.

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Its a personal pursuit. Kinda’ like saying how good is the average painter.

But how good IS the average painter?

I wonder…

If you can bring a yoyo back to your hand and have other people go “WOW” you’re an average yoyoer.

Throws down yoyo. Yoyo stops. Takes yoyo off of finger. Walks away.

If you really wanna find out … Compete!!!

Regardless of how you compare to other yoyoers, if you’ve been throwing for six months, you’re infinitely better than 99.99% of the human population.

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Me. I am the quintessential average yoyoer. So you’re above average. It sounds like you’re better than me. Is that what you’re saying? That you’re better than me? >:(

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double or nothing

if you have enough tricks in your arsenal to perform at least a freestyle.
then i’d say you are at the average stage.
because that means you’ve overcome the barrier between doing “tricks” and doing combos/freestyling.

~but by all means, i do not mean a professional/perfect freestyle.