How do yoyoers become sponsored players?

So I was just wondering about this question the other day and also, what are the most common ways someone can get sponsored and is there something you have to do before getting sponsored?

Rule one…don’t ask for it
Become friends with people
Be good
Win contests
Be a cool guy/gal
Be a good person, help the sport

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First and foremost make a name for yourself. I don’t actually mean a nickname, but make yourself a positive thought when someone hears your name. You can do this in many ways…

-Competing - Winning certainly gets you noticed but many players are sponsored even though they don’t win often, or at all. But are still active in the contest scene, and being a good sport while doing so
-Be influential as both a player, and person in the scene in all aspects (creating tricks, supporting others, etc)
-Creating clip videos/tutorials
-Organizing events
-Organizing clubs
-Being active/supporting the scene

To sum it up, Make a company want to sponsor you by giving them a reason to. Remember that companies only sponsor those who will represent their brand responsibly.

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