How do you know the bearing size


How do you know the ball bearing size of a Yo-Yo?
I want to buy one for my Dark Magic


Okay a Darkmagic bearing size is large. If your looking for bearing sizes on a yo yo look for bearing dimensions on the specs part. A large bearing is .250 x .500 x .187 a small bearing is 6.3x9.49x3.14 and an extra large bearing is 9x17x5. so that’s the basic 3 sizes and DM’s take size large. here is a list of yoyojam yo yos that take large bearings. Axiom, Big Ben, Black Knight, Copperhead, Dark Magic, Hitman, Jamboo ,Journey ,Kickside ,Legacy ,Lyn Fury , Meteor ,Speed Maker ,Speeder And the X-ConVict. well later.

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Large a.k.a. C


yea a large bearing is for the DM. later.

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