How do you guys get all these really high quality Instagram vids?

Do you upload them from your video cameras?

They either: have a good phone camera, or record with good camera then transfer to the phone or pc app to upload.

What would you guys consider a good phone camera?

That you have to go to the store to test the camera before buying, or find reviews with video previews of the camera itself. I don’t have a phone with good camera so I have no idea. I believe most newer phones have good cameras already, as the market seems to be going that way.

Do you guys mount your phones on tripods?

I usually transfer my videos from the computer to my phone. It takes up a lot of space if you want a very high quality one, though.

So I have an iPhone 6s, good? Bad? Might as well draw the trick and make a flip book?

Only if i am filming myself.

my iphone 6’s camera is simply boss. thats all i use these days. I cant believe how good it is for how tiny it is!

Yay! That’s good to hear. I thought it looked pretty good but I don’t know much about cameras.

I use my phone for something “quick and dirty” but if I want something to look “professionally shot” I’ll film the trick with my DSLR camera, enhance the clip a bit by adjusting the color (I like my video’s colors to have some ‘pop’), do what ever other editing is necessary, export the clip, and copy it to my phone. Thankfully it’s just a matter of copy/paste into a designated folder I made on my Android phone so I can get them up on IG.

I use a program called Bluestacks to emulate android on my PC and run Instagram from there. Then you can skip all the extra phone steps. Its free and works well.

Bluestacks is very resource heavy, I personally use gramblr client to upload photos and videos, very small and fast, while browsing Instagram from web browser on PC.

My friend tried to install Bluestacks for me and got a virus ::slight_smile: