How Do I.....

???How do you upload pictures and videos on to the posts? ???

You copy paste the link for the video.

And for the picture, you copy the link and use the “Insert Image” button on top of the smileys next to the whirly looking thing that says “Insert Flash.”

For videos, many people make the mistake of copying and pasting the embed code. This is specifically for inserting a video into a website you write with HTML. Forums are “embedding machines”, so if you simply copy and paste the video’s link, and the forum will embed it for you.

For pictures, I don’t think the way I use is the most efficient way, but it works and is still fairly fast. I’ll tell you in steps.

  1. Go to and register for an account there
  2. On the home page, click “Upload your first photos”
  3. Click “choose photos and videos”
  4. Click the photos you want and click “select”
  5. When your pictures finish uploading, click “you” at the top-leftish of the screen
  6. Choose the photo that you want to put in your post
  7. At the top-rightish of the screen, click “share this”
  8. After a menu comes down, select “Grab the HTML”
  9. You should see some HTML code, scroll down a little bit
  10. When you see what looks like a link and starts with something like “” and ends with “.jpg”, copy that
  11. Go to your post and when you decide you want to insert the picture, click the thing that looks like a picture frame that says “Insert Image” when you hover your mouse over it
  12. At the place you decided to put your picture, it should say “img /img” (There are square brackets around them but I can’t put them in or else the forum thinks I’m adding a picture)
  13. Make it say “img width=500 height=375 /img” (with square brackets around both parts)
  14. Now, in between the two, paste your embed link
  15. It should say "img width=500 height=375 http://“insert link here /img” (again, square brackets around both “img width=500 height=375” and “/img”)
  16. Repeat this for all the pictures you want in your post, then post it.
  17. Check to make sure the pictures look good.
  18. That’s it!

It might seem tedious the first few times you do it, but when you get used to it it’s a fairly fast process.


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Or he can use so he doesn’t have to register. ^^

I’ve never used imageshack but I assume it works just as well.

However it’s really not that hard to sign up, it takes less than a minute. Plus it makes it so you can access all of your uploaded pictures on any computer by just logging into your account.

Or photobucket. Since flickr has a monthly upload cap.

Any of the 3 will work, you can make accounts on any of them. Snapfish can work too. If you know of any other photo uploader, any of them will work.

I just chose flickr because it seems the most user friendly. And I’ve never come close to breaking the upload cap, but if you are worried about that you can just use any of the other uploaders.

I use my flickr for photography so yeah :stuck_out_tongue: