How do I poll?

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Well… how do I make a poll?


When you post a new topic, use the gear symbol in the text edit box (top row, far RHS) to bring down a menu, one of the options is the make a poll.


On a phone there’s one extra step. Make the topic then at the top there are three dashes, touch those to bring up a menu bar. That’s where the gear @jhb8426 is talking about is.

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The editor toolbar is generally visible by default (except on very small phones), so there’s nothing to press, just look for the gear icon in the editor toolbar.

Bearings flat or center trac

This is what I see when I hit “new topic” on my phone. It’s an iPhone 8 plus.


Oh right for new topic. I forgot about that case. The issue is that the category selector needs to appear, and that takes up an extra “row”, so we might suppress it conditionally there. Can be an issue on small phones with the keyboard up (the keyboard takes an astounding amount of room).

I thought we only did that after testing page height though.