How do I interact with yoyobot?

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Bit odf topic here, but can anyone provide a link to the Advanced Forum Tutorial? There’s alot of features on here and Id like to learn how to use all the available tools when I have a chance.

Active/ Inactive indicators

Send a pm to

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And like clockwork, Code brings it in for the win.

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Jeff, @yoyobot is being obnoxious. He just wants to show me how he can roll dice and read my fortune. He’s playing and Im so super serial :man_health_worker: Like how he looks, thats how super serial I am.


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @yoyobot display help.


See, this is why you should interact with the :robot: bot in a PM.

The command you want is start … I will give you that hint :wink:

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Ok cool. But seriously, when I first pm’d him, he rolled dice, quoted someone, then made a crystal ball emoji and told me my fortune. Pretty funny, but about as helpful as my 17 month old son. So Ill try giving him commands, treat him like the program he is essentially?


Well, the help text does say exactly what to do :wink:

This is like one of the old text adventures, giving out too much help is cheating…

ZORK I: The Great Underground Empire Copyright © 1981, 1982, 1983 Infocom, Inc. All rights reserved. ZORK is a registered trademark of Infocom, Inc. Revision 88 / Serial number 840726

West of House
You are standing in an open field west of a white house, with a boarded front door. There is a small mailbox here.

open mailbox

Opening the small mailbox reveals a leaflet.

Play it here

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Gotcha, now I’m rolling along with the bot. Oh and last night I started my science. I’ll be using 4 Airetics from the same pack to minimize variability. If work goes smoothly this week I should have a concise dissertation with included empirical data (pictures) by the end of the week.


I have no idea what is going on here…


Send a PM to our good buddy yoyobot to find out :wink:

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Pm yoyobot and he’ll give you the rundown on the basic or advanced user tutorials. He’ll also roll a seven and predict your future.