How do I find the "General Yo-Yo Forum"???

Just figured out, there is that tiny red square, plus and or minus tab, on the forum index page that drops down the menu when it is clicked for plus (+) instead of minus (-). For some reason it has always been in the minus (-) position every time I go to the page, and so there was no directory. Why that page would need the option to make that directory, or rather drop down menu, disapper to begin with, I will never understand. That tiny red square should be a hek of a lot bigger for people who don’t see well, like myself apparently.

You’re kinda posting on it…

But to get here simply roll-over the “FORUM” tab on the page, then “DISCUSSION SECTION”, and you should be able to find “General Yo-Yo Talk” button

can someone tell me how to make a post on this forum!

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Repeat what you just did.

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You’d best start believing in General Yo-Yo Forums…

… y’er in one!

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maybe he means general-yo forum. general-yo is low key. I am not sure where to find it but I am sure they would be talking about the General Lodge - Lochness MonStar whatever that is :o

And the rumors start lol…

Maybe the CLYW Snipe?

So how did you manage to fond your BST topic which you’ve managed to bump almost every day for at least the last year?


Here click this link:,81168.0.html

Thank you LeftyLink for your tip on rolling over the Forum tab! I had no idea it had a drop down menu, and your method saves me a ton of time. Wish I would have known that a couple of years ago- nothing like doing it the hard way! Guess I am not as computer savvy as I like to think. THANKS FOR TAKING THE TIME!