How do I contact Gruntbull?

I’ve been to his website, but the contact link just takes me to a page that has no other clickable links…

Soooo, anybody know how I can contact him for a custom job quote?

Huh on the website under “contact us” I see


Maybe it is quirky on mobile or something? On desktop it’s there.


Nope, I’m on desktop. it just pulls up a full video page that says “visit our shop in Gettysburg Ohio”

Yea I see that too. Just scroll down a bit and the email and a phone number is there.

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To be fair he probably couldn’t read it because it


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Noo no no, it does not look like that, code

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So, I just contacted gruntbull, and it turns out that not only can he [they?] do custom ano jobs, but he can also retexture yo-yos. I’m thinking about sending in my mantis to give it a more bead blasted type finish. That’s literally the only gripe I have about the yoyo, I live in a hot and humid climate, and the glossy shiny finish gets really sticky and gross feeling.

Same goes for my Top Deck… hmmmmm🤔


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Yeah glossy shiny finishes on yo-yos are a major bummer. I can’t think of too many I have which opted for a shiny finish, though… it’s usually the cheap stuff.

Some yoyos keep the gloss on the cups (for fingerspins, etc), and blast the part you’d touch, which is some neat attention to detail. I believe the Colossus does this for example… yep just grabbed one and confirmed!

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The MYY Y01 Node also does this - it’s blasted in the catch zone and super shiny in the cup. It’s not great for fingerspins anyhow so having a shiny cup isn’t detrimental here.