how are people so fast?!


Ive been saving up for a really good CLYW, and now that the Wooly Marmot 2 is coming out, i REALLY want to get it. last time i got my puffin 2, i was too slow and had to go to another website, and now that the WM2 is coming out, I’m pretty sure more people are wanting to get it more than the puffin 2 and i am really scared i will be too slow and not get one. Is there any way that theres a higher chance of getting one before they sell out? Much appreciated!


Solid colors will take a while to sell out.


There’s other sites that sell out a bit slower…


i wanted to get one from YYE though. but if they sell out too fast then i can resort too another website if i have to…


Why? Do you dislike free shipping and discounts?


no, I’m just biased towards YYE more, good service as well.


Being only the 2nd run so far, expect the wm2 to sell out quick. If you have certain colorway(s) in mind you want to get, be sure to be on the page before drop time, which I believe is Thursday at 10 pm est. As soon as drop time hits, refresh the page and try to get one of your desired colorways and checkout quick. To make it as fast as possible, be sure to save your credit card info on file prior to drop time so you don’t have to enter the cc information during checkout, as it will save precious time. Remember, you only lock in what is in your cart once you fully complete the checkout process, if it is just in your cart it is still up for grabs.

It isn’t that hard, but they most certainly will go fast. Since I have one from the first run, I won’t be grabbing one of these, good luck! :slight_smile:


Thank you VERY Much! I had already saved the credit card info and was going to wait until the timer drops. Is this not good enough?


That’s about all you can do, just be online early. Have backup colorway choices too in case your desired colorway sells out.


Ok, Thank you! ;D Fortunately I’m pretty lenient about getting colorways!