Houston Comic con meet up 8/30!!! Hosted by RS!


So Radical Seas will host the Houston meet up at the Amazing comic con!!

Time: I’ll be there when they open at 10 am.

Plan: hang,throw,trade,lunch. I’ll probably film a little something for RS.

I’ll bring some set sails and selkies to try!

Pm me if you have any questions and I’ll give you my number so we can keep in touch on the day of.

(That creepy Asian guy) #2

So I might go. Really just depends on where it is like the actually comic con? I probably sound like an idiot

(That creepy Asian guy) #3

And if you have a link to your website then could you pm me that?


Our website is down for renovations!

It’s not THE comic con but it’s a pretty good one!

Also, there is a groupon for tickets, I think that Saturday is 20$!
Come hang out!

(That creepy Asian guy) #5

Okay pm me the details please? First thingy meet up. ???


I’m down


Just a reminder! Meet up tomorrow. Pm me for details!